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    5 Easy tips to create a remarkable brand in the age of social media

    galipette / July 13, 2015 / Design

    In the age of the social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, brand construction turned into irritating challenge, where the companies were not imagine the way like this. A long time ago most of companies were expecting the introduction of a new age of branding revolution, they’ve made their arrangements and started to hire creative agencies and armies of technologists that will help them take the step of entering this battle of building brands throughout the digital universe.
    Their thinking went like this; that the social media channels will help them to convert from traditional media and generate a direct relationship with the customers. These relationships can be created through telling customer great stories and connect with them in real time, this will help your brand to become a hub for a community of consumers.
    These companies cannot succeed in this step without going through the following steps:
    1-    Understanding the culture:
    –    Related to the customers they’re trying to connect with them through understanding the current norms in society and how those norms are shifting.
    2-    Consider customer feedback.
    –    Tracking customer’s comments, likes and shares and to generate online surveys to evaluate  how they interact on the social media and convert these feedback into effective steps that can used in brand building.
    3-    Dedicate professional marketers.
    –    That will help in understanding the customer’s culture by getting attached to sup-cultures that driving shifts that result from these changing happens in the cultures.
    4-    Develop interesting content.
    –    Generate posts and articles that contains interesting content like; terminologies, info graphic, entertainment, and interesting articles.
    5-    Ongoing reports and audit.
    –    Generate online surveys and track customer’s interaction on the social media that will help in generating reports and audit to facilitate communication with those customers.