An Agency with a vision
    Galipette is one of the unique Marketing and Advertising companies in Egypt. Throughout the years, we have evolved into a multifaceted agency offering a variety of services through our dedicated planning, management, graphic, production and web design departments.
    What makes us special?
    • A simple word: Passion.
    • Passion about the Brand.
    • Passion about the Client.
    • Passion about the Work.
    • And the strong desire to challenge ourselves and excel.
    Experience and Knowledge will light you to success
    Provide our clients with the best suitable marketing and advertising solutions to Help to achieve & maintain measurable results.
    Expand regional & become leaders in creating effective marketing and advertising solutions.
    Strategies and planning
    Strategies and plans are the first layer that keep everything smooth and objective, that’s one of our specialties and passions.
    Brand Support
    We support up and running brands to see the opportunities and increase market shares, keep recalling and in top of consumer’s mind.
    Branding & Identity
    We develop a marketing strategy that involves creating a well recognized brand name and differentiation that helps to position your brand in consumer's top of mind and helps to maintain good customer relationship.
    Creative IMC
    We help businesses; to promote their brand and also marketers to achieve their objectives throughout a marketing campaign that have developed in a well- coordinated use of creative concepts and different media vehicles that are intended to reinforce each other.