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    Brand Personification

    galipette / September 9, 2015 / Design, Drawing

    “The Way to Get to Know Your Brand”

    Brand personification defined as a projective technique that tests the brands and considers these brands as a people, this test go through asking people how they imagine the brands if they could think or feel.

    It may considered as a powerful approach specially for big corporates and also for the small business as this technique helps in studying consumer behavior where they can evaluate their “companies reputation” that reflects “the external personality” which forms the success of the brand.


    The following four steps can helps you as company especially with the cooperation of your business development and marketing team to better understand your brand:

    Step 1: Explore your brand’s personality:

    Starting with analyzing our brand’s personality through answering a group of questions and writing these answers on white board to discuss them later:

    1. Would your brand be a male or female?
    2. Is he street-smart or book-smart?
    3. Is she social or an introvert?
    4. Does he have compassion or is he an authoritarian?
    5. Would you trust him/her?
    • These questions are basic-line that will help us later to explore further.
    • These questions should reveal personality habits and traits.

    Step 2: Ask why?

    Going through this step requires starting asking yourself and your team “why do you think that?”, and why you all answered the questions in this way, the answers will help you to understand if you’re meeting your brand’s value and if you’re well represented or misrepresented in the marketplace.

    Step 3: Visualize your brand

    After analyzing who is your brand and why? Now write a name on your white board, it is not important to be your brand name but a name that describes your brand’s personality.

    Now you’ve gave him a name, go to the next step; draw a face for him that is powerful method to represent brand’s personality, give attention to his clothing and cleanliness if he is a male, is he well-dressed (Ex: casual, smart casual, formal, etc….) or his cloth is kind of mess?. If she is a female does she looks happy and full of energetic or she looks sleepy and tired. All these traits  can say a lot about your brand personality.

    Step 4: Evaluate who you are and who you want to be

    After understanding brand’s personality and “who you are” not what your brand is, start developing effective marketing strategies and company values around the character you’ve drown that is your brand. Although there is such more question you should ask about “him” or “her”, such as “who is his friends?”, if he is kind of introvert or you want him to be more sociable one? And if we can’t get him back who will do?

    If the answers related to what you like to happen so you’re on the right track, if not so you have to start to re-evaluate.

    Have you met your brand? If not, go ahead, give it a shot. It’s waiting to meet you, too.